What we’ve done

WebCommerceCafe samples of great and award winning work.
Product development, packaging design and go-to-market methods & strategies while building an online store and becoming an Amazon approved merchant.

BetaineFit Betaine Anhydrous


Multi-million dollar online store – WebCommerceCafe built from scratch (with VP-ASP) this fully functional online store processing Visa, Amex, MasterCard.  This store offers the largest and most complete inventory of rain harvesting systems in the world…explore, understand, collect.


Fully functional online store starting with logo design & color palette, copy writing, VP-ASP merchant engine build with multiple product categories and thousands of product.



The Apple iTunes Store offers the Time Warner Cable IntelligentHome Interactive Product Tour a fully responsive HTML5 showcase of interactive possibilities. Published by WebCommerceCafe, this app has been downloaded over 20,000 times.

TWC IntelligentHome App on the Apple iTunes Store

Pure HTML5 and Objective C meet to showcase responsive interactivity to tell a complex story.

Written by WebCommerceCafe, the Apple iTunes store published World Map News.
This app delivers immediate headlines and news articles biased only by region.  Tap the world region, get the latest headlines, tap again to read the whole article.
As an Apple Certified Developer, this app was designed, coded, and built in-house at WebCommerceCafe and it has been installed on thousands of systems world wide.



What do YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope and LinkedIn have in common?  Those are the triggers to be used and mixed into great responsive design.

WebCommerceCafe delivers effective loaded social media marketing.  Look at the Mr. Steele example. We started with a few great YouTube videos, built an effective website, connected the Social Media dots, posted some more videos and now there’s an internet sensation underway.

First Person View Drone Enthusiasts find Mr. Steele

Social Media on fire with FPV Drone enthusiasts explosion in interest, meta data enhanced search engine optimization effectively uses relevant words, aka search terms.

social media impact on site visits

Start with zero visits, add social media marketing and some great content…voila! Visitors arrive by using relevant search meta data and social media platforms.


WindowsPlus Services microcosm site exmple of relevant words making the most of an organic SEO strategy

MetaData details on every page make a difference, even for the small business. Targeted, focused, and relevant words used as meta tags under the hood in HTML5 manage search engine visits and site indexing…this results in enhanced search engine rankings!

Effective and proven organic Search Engine Optimization tactics and strategies applying every best practice lending great results.  WebCommerceCafe developers are Google AdWords and Organic SEO Experts.